vakantiehuis bali gelebeg baru This cosy house actually consists of two houses, suitable for four adults (possibly with baby or toddler). But it is more advisable however to use this house for two adults with one or two (older) children. The first house - built in the style of a Balinese rice house - features a massage room downstairs, and upstairs a romantic terrace with a small bedroom (with a double bed, but not suitable as a full bedroom for two adults, but defintely suitable for two children for whom it is no problem to sleep in a double bed). The second house has a roomy, open living/dining room, an open kitchen and a nice bathroom (also half outside) 
 The 'living terrace', just like those of the other houses, directly borders the luscious garden, which gives Gelebeg Baru's inhabitants a feeling of living outdoors. On the first floor there is a very large bedroom with a spacious double bed. These two houses lean unto each other beautifully and are therefore rented out to one tenant.

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Everything is wonderful. This is a beautiful place! The accommodation is delightful! Thank you!