Kalibukbuk has cars (with or without a driver), motorcycles and mopeds for hire at very reasonable prices. If you decide to drive yourself, you will have to bring your international driver's licence with you, in order to be able to rent a car. Experience in driving on the left hand side is absolutely required! If you lack the experience, we strongly recommend that you rent a car with a driver. That is not much more expensive and definitely safer.

Vaccinations/ Malaria

We recommend you always personally consult the GG&GD or the tropical vaccinations bureau. Generally vaccinations against DTP and Hepatitis-A are recommended, and depending on the duration of your stay, intestinal typhoid. Bali has not had any malaria occurrences for decennia. If your stay is limited to Bali, there is - according to the WHO (World Health Organisation) - no need to take malaria pills. If however you intend to visit other islands, it is once again advisable you consult the GG&GD or the tropical vaccinations bureau.

For questions please contact:

Roel van Dalen
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel. +31 6 22 05 22 50

It is possible to be picked up from the airport. This will cost you around Euro 45 (the price may vary from time to time). You will have to write Roel van Dalen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the time of arrival and the flight number. It takes about 3,5 hours to go from the airport in the south to Rumah Kita in the north. Do the trip during daytime. It is a beautiful ride over the Balinese mountains. It is also very nice to arrive at Rumah Kita during daytime. At the end of your stay you will have to arrange the trip to the airport yourself, but that will be easy to arrange.

When Beatrijs Smulders en Roel van Dalen are back home in the Netherlands, their friend POutu Kusuma Wijaya, his wife Eti and Putu's mother Ma Kim are the 'bosses' here. They make all the important decisions, manage the 'purse', takes care of mail deliveries and are able to answer all your questions and fullfil your needs. Putu and Eti live on the Rumah Kita estate, togehjther with their little daughter. Putu's mother Ma Kim cooks your evening meal in her home in Singaraja, the former capital of Bali, 11 kilometres east of Rumah Kita and Lovina Beach. Ma Kim was married to Pa Agus Sadikin Bakti, who unfortunately died on february 1, 2018. Ma Kim and Pa Agus have six children.
Their eldest son Putu completed the famous Amsterdam Film Academy in june 1994. His studies were paid for from the 'Rumah Kita' rental proceeds. Putu currently lives in in his own house in Rumah Kita and works as a film director and manager of Rumah Kita.
Besides her activities for 'Rumah Kita', Ma Kim works hard in the shop 'Toko Bathera', the local department store, that is being run from home in the Jalan Dewi Sartika by the entire Sadikin Bakti family. Ma Kim more or less runs 'Rumah Kita' together with utu and Eti, consisting of the houses Wantilan, Rumah Kita & Gelebek Baru, from a distance in her time off.
Should you have any trouble, complaints or questions, feel free to ask Putu, Eti or Ma Kim. They are very precise and they have hearts of gold!

ATM in Kalibukbuk, central Lovina

This ATM of the Indonesian BCA bank at the Jalan Raya Lovina in Kalibukbuk, Central Lovina, accepts most current bank- and creditcards.