Renting during low season (from September 1 to December 15 & from January 16 to July 1)

Gelebeg Baru € 395 per week
Rumah Kita € 495 per week
Wantilan € 595 per week

Renting during high season (from July 1 to September 1 and from December 15 to January 16)

Gelebek Baru € 595 per week
Rumah Kita € 695 per week
Wantilan € 795 per week

All prices are in Euro's and are per holiday home, per week. Prices are valid until December 31, 2019. Please also read our terms and conditions.

The rental prices include one hot, excellent Indonesian evening meal a day. Every day early in the morning our cook goes to the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruit, which are brought to Rumah Kita by car every evening to be further prepared.
Of course you can let us know if for example you do not eat meat, but remember the meal is a service to our guests. It will not be possible to choose what you want to eat. But don't be worried, the food is always delicious and extremely varied. And for the children there will always be food that is not 'pedis' ('hot'). In the mornings a modest breakfast of e.g. 'pisang goreng' (fried bananas) will be served.
When you arrive in our houses you will find large containers with drinking water there and some fridges may contain food or beverages. It you make use of the drinking water or the content of the fridge it will be charged separately at the end of your stay.

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