Rumah Kita was formed by friendship and love.

Beatrijs Smulders and Putu Kusuma Wijaya started in december 1987 with the construction of the house ‘Rumah Kita’. It was completed July 1988. At the time, there was nothing here but sawahs and palm trees. ‘Rumah Kita’ was the first house to be built in this area, to be followed by tea house ‘Bale Bengong’ and rice house ‘Gelebek’ . The house ‘Wantilan’ was created in 1991. This large family house was - as were the other two houses - built and partly designed by skilled master builder Pak Made Kedana . In 1994 part of the house Gelebek was removed from its foundation', lifted by sixty people and moved to another part of the grounds. At the same time a new living terrace and sleeping quarters were added, resulting in the house,which we renamed ‘Gelebek Baru’ .

In the summer of 1999 we moored a huge swimming pool in the back of the compound. Next to the pool there’s a nice badminton field. In 2003 we demolished our first house ‘Rumah Kita’ and built a beautiful, much bigger house. On the first floor there is a huge, attractive terrace and two bedrooms. For children as well as adults we also placed this year a huge trampoline in the garden.

Rumah Kita with the support of Petra Blokker, Wout Vuyk, Frans van Dalen, Jet van Dalen-Ourhaan and Ma Kim Sadikin Bakti.

Rumah Kita is ready now.

Beatrijs Smulders
Roel van Dalen
Putu Kusuma Wijaya